The State Bank of Downs / Bill D. and Claudia J. Berkley
Bruce and Kelly Berkley
Eleanor Ann Berkley
Jerry J Berkley Trust
The Farmers Bank of Osborne / The Bihlmaier Family
Brush Art Corporation
Douglas C. and Ila Kay Brush
Alan and Janel Burch
Carl J. (Junior) and Roma Caldwell Family
Deryl and Wilda Carswell Family
The Cary Family
St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Church
Gary and Glennys Doane
The Family of Ransom Enoch
The Guttery Family
In Memory of Leslie and Fannie Kaser
Ron and Bonnie Kaser
The Gerald & Veda LaRosh Family
Midway Coop Assn., Inc.
Poore Farms
The Dell Princ Family
Alfred C. and Anne Reif
The Scoular Company
Bill and Nyla Seaman
Scott and Nadine Sigle Family
Southwind Bank
Stan and June Thibault
Marty and Allison Wolters and Family